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The Sea Gooseberry, Pleurobrachia pileus

The Sea Gooseberry - Pleurobrachia pileus – is a small spherical comb like jelly. Although it is a jelly animal it does not belong to Phylum Cnidaria like true jellyfish. Instead it belongs to Phylum Ctenophora. Individuals can grow up to 3cm in length, excluding two long feathery feeding tentacles (up to 50cm long) that can be completely retracted into the body. The animal is also described as ‘comb like’ as it has eight distinctive comb rows of cilia which run down the side of its body. The beating of these tiny tendrils allows it to move mouth first through the water. During the day, the cilia refract light giving the jelly a multi-coloured shimmer; at night they are phosphorescent. Via and

Check out this Pacific Sea Gooseberry, Pleurobrachia bachei, feeding on Artemia at Victoria High School. Via vichigh marine, youtube.

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