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Purse Search Ireland: A fisheries conservation project that needs your help!

A Spotted Ray purse washed up in some seaweed on Carratigue Beach in North Mayo

Purse Search Ireland is an exciting fisheries conservation project that involves public participation, so that means you can take part! The project is basicly a massive nationwide search for Mermaids' Purses, the eggcases of sharks, skates and rays. We're hunting for these eggcases because we think that they could provide valuable information on the location of nursery areas for Ireland's skates and rays.



Information on nursery areas is crucial for effective conservation management and protection of vulnerable species. It's also important for the sustainable development of our fisheries. So if you are a keen beachcomber and have seen a Mermaids' Purse on any shoreline around Ireland, we would love to hear from you!



For details of what to do when you see a Purse, click here. If you'd like to do more, you could organise a dedicated eggcase hunt, which provides us with even more information. The more information that we receive from you, the more successful the project will be in terms of being able to provide something positive for marine conservation in Ireland.


Found a purse?


Click here to report your sighting!


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